Nestled in the heart of Louisiana’s fertile delta, our sugarcane farm and mill have been a part of our family for generations. As Louisiana’s single estate distillery, we crush the cane we grow through three steel rolls to make our own ingredients for distillation. Each Three Roll spirit is a unique expression of our rich history, land, and process. 


From our sugarcane farm, to our mill, to our distillery, to your glass–we are Cane to Glass™.


During Louisiana’s annual three-month sugarcane harvest, we produce our signature Agricole style Rhum from fresh-pressed cane juice to create a vegetal, smooth spirit with grassy notes.  With no sweeteners or additives, Three Roll Estate’s Rhum Agricole is possibly the truest expression of Alma Estate's rich terroir.

made from our fresh sugarcane 90 minutes after pressing

We produce this rum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as a tribute to the national spirit of Brazil. With no sweeteners or additives, this Cachaça-inspired rum is made from fresh pressed cane juice during Louisiana’s three-month annual sugar harvest and fermented with yeast sourced from Brazil. 

With a light body and full flavor, we bottle our Three Roll Estate White Rum as it leaves the still, untouched by oak and unaltered by age. With no sweeteners or additives, this bold and fragrant white rum shines in a daiquiri. 


Three Roll Estate Dark Rum is distilled from our own all-molasses fermentation, rested in French oak vats, pulled in small batches, and finished in American oak.

pulled in small
batches from french and american oak

Named for our hometown of Baton Rouge, Three Roll Estate’s Red Stick™ cinnamon rum marries our single estate Louisiana spirit with the deep, subtle flavor of canela bark (also known as CINNAMOMUM VERUM, or “true cinnamon”). 


Delicious in tiki drinks, or simply sipped when chilled.

an homage to the red pole that once marked our own little bend in the Mississippi.

Three Roll Estate Spiced Rum is the infusion of Alma’s rich terroir with a subtle medley of botanicals, including hints of bitter orange and vanilla. Enjoy the culmination of artisanship and authenticity in each drop. 

pure louisiana

Three Roll Estate's sweetener- and additive-free vodka is made from 100% unrefined Louisiana cane sugar. Fermented in our distillery, triple-distilled to over 190 proof, and then filtered six times, this is unlike any vodka you've ever experienced.


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